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Stone Finishes

Posted on April 24, 2014 by SDG

There are many ways to finish stone to get the texture and look you desire.  Certain finishes work with specific types of stone, depending on its strength characteristics and mineral content. Here are a few common techniques.


Natural Fieldstone: Stones that are in their natural state are placed in a way to create a meandering path or patio.


Bush Hammered:  Tooled with a pointy hammer to create a rough texture.  This is a great non-slip surface.


Honed: Ground to remove saw cut marks. Produces a smooth and satin finish.


Natural Cleft Stone: Some types of Bluestone are schists, and can be split to reveal a naturally irregular surface.


Thermal: Wet and heated with a torch.  The water in the stone pops when heated causing a textured yet smooth surface, marvelous for traction.


Polished: Ground to a fine finish that is glossy and reflective.


Rock Faced Edge: Edge of rock is chiseled away to create an irregular face to the desired appeal.


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