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Why Plant a Tree?

Posted on September 24, 2014 by SDG

Planting a tree reaps many benefits, many of which are unseen to the human eye.


Trees on the surface provide an aesthetically pleasing sight all year around.  Now that autumn is here many trees are starting to turn deep red, burnt orange, and golden yellow.  In the spring and summer they are varying shades of green and have beautiful flowers and interesting buds.  The winter defines their silhouettes and intriguing bark.

While showing off their beauty, trees are doing work for us.  Their sinuous leaves are absorbing harmful pollutants and providing clean oxygen for us.  Their trunk and the earth below filters water pollutants, recharging the water.


A tree’s root system is extensive, spanning two to three times larger than the canopy in order to provide enough water and nutrients for the tree to grow.  This intertwined mass stabilizes the trees as well as the soil it’s growing in, minimizing erosion and slowing runoff.

Canopy trees shield us from the sun, giving us nice cool shade; a natural air conditioner in the summer! Deciduous trees shed their leaves in the winter letting the sun percolate through dappling us with light and warmth.  This perfect relationship helps save energy when planted by a home.


Large evergreen trees buffer us from swift winds; keeping us warmer in the winter.  They also shield unsightly views with their thick clumps of needles.

The fruit that a tree bears presents us, the animals, and the insects in our community with delicious food.  The lush trees also make a great habitat for the same animals and insects.


Trees are an inspiration.  They soothe and make one feel content and joyful.  Let SDG help you strategically plant some trees and design a space for you to retreat to.

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