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Landscape Architecture

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Creative Intuition

At Sudbury Design Group, we strive to create personalized, unique landscapes that are imaginative, functional, and environmentally sensitive. Our in-house team approach and collaboration with other design professionals has been the key to our success over the years. Our experienced staff of award-winning landscape architects and designers will be available to you from the project’s initial consultation to its completion. Through careful planning and hands-on project management, we will transform your property into a stunning landscape that meets all your expectations.

Our Process


1. Consultation

& contract

The design process begins with an on-site consultation with a member of our design team to analyze your property and discuss your project goals. The consultation provides us with the opportunity to identify your project’s program and evaluate design considerations. You will have the opportunity to review our firm’s portfolio and other examples of work that may pertain to your project. We will guide you through the expected sequencing of the design process and asses your personal objectives, budgetary goals and expectations for the project completion.


2. Site Analysis

& survey

After acceptance of a design proposal, the next step is to develop a plan of existing conditions which becomes the foundation of the design. We spend the necessary time on-site during our survey and site analysis to evaluate the existing landscape and architectural features in order to fully understand the space. Desirable and undesirable views, drainage patterns and environmental conditions are noted as design considerations. We are equipped to digitally survey each site in order to accurately represent the topography and existing features of the property, while also incorporating information obtained from other engineering or architectural professionals if available. Lastly, we will research and find solutions to any local, state, or federal regulations that could potentially affect your project.


3. Concept

& development

Concept development starts by assessing the project program, client goals, and a mutually agreed upon expectation for the budget and timeline. We will analyze and overlay our existing conditions plan to determine the impact on design development. Every project and property is unique and as we work though a range of alternative solutions, we will begin to hone in on the design direction that most closely fits your needs and objectives. We will digitally and accurately draft this conceptual design to ensure its plausibility moving forward. A color-rendered drawing and any illustrative details will be presented to you along with a preliminary cost projection for the scope of work. We encourage continued client participation to review proposed construction materials and potential budget alternatives.


4. Final Design

& Drawings

Upon approval of a design and budget presented at the conceptual stage, the process moves toward implementation. A comprehensive overall design is developed, which includes detailed specifications for various components of the project, such as grading, planting, lighting, and construction details. Decisions are made with the client to finalize contractor selection, project timeline and contracts. At this point Sudbury Design Group will assist in any necessary permitting issues that often impact landscape architectural projects. The permitting process typically includes preparation and presentation of detailed plans for town boards such as Planning, Zoning, Historic, and Conservation.


5. Implementation

& Completion

Throughout the construction process, Sudbury Design Group plays an active role in supervision and project management. Modifications to the design are often made in the field by the project manager as site conditions or expanded opportunities allow. We assist in the layout of construction components, approve properly completed work, and manage contractor requisitions for payment. We strive to maintain good working relationships with various trade professionals and encourage their input throughout construction. We work closely with the construction team and the client to see that every detail is properly implemented. It is our goal to ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget, and in a professional manner.

Meet the Design Team

Michael J. Coutu, Principal
Scot M. Indermuehle
Daniel J. Wallace, Jr.
Peter Ferland, R.L.A
Michael D. Picard, R.L.A.
Gregory M. Coutu
Matthew C. Sullivan
Kelley Woodacre
Fred Clark
Jim Reichheld
Xiaowei Li